Delinquent Blogger

It has been a month and a day since my first and last blog post. That is not a very good start to this project.
Blogging is something that I have struggled with for several years. Any writer knows that a blog is now the new tool to getting in the mode of writing often and sharing ideas, as well as getting your name out and hopefully noticed. The problem I have had over the years is not so much the lack of ideas, but more the over-abundance of ideas. I have hundreds of subjects swimming in my head and I can never thread them together.
Ideally, I would have a blog that focuses on one theme or idea. But because I have always been the type of person to find interest in everything, I'm incapable of choosing one such theme or idea. Therefore, I have four separate blogs. It seems excessive and, it is.
The first blog is about my job in a hostel. This particular building is well known for being haunted, as well as an historical site in Ottawa. Four years in that building made for many stories worth sharing.
My second blog is about travel. I have many little stories from random experiences during my travels. Whether it's about chasing a train or chasing a boy, I managed to get myself into many situations while on the road and it's about time I put them into words.
The third blog is about life in Ottawa. I'm a wanderer in my own city and I try to get out to see new things and meet new people because I love this city and I want to know all its nooks and crannies. I think it's worth letting people in on a what I find.
And, this is my fourth blog. It's the catch-all. It's where I can write down the current idea in my head. And currently, I'm thinking I really need to work on my writing discipline if I truly intend on beefing up all these blogs with stories worth reading.
So, back to blogging.

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