Baby blanket

Years ago I bought a ridiculously long colourful scarf that I might have worn once. In fact, I remember buying it on a cold day while working in the market (it was on off-season sale item for $2, if I remember correctly). After years of having it sit at the bottom of a basket buried in mittens and tuques, I decided to take it apart and I was left with dozens of little balls of yarn. Eventually I started knitting them into squares which were then sewn together. This got the creative juices flowing and I taught myself to knit a simple basket-weave pattern. After a year of an on-again-off-again relationship with this project, I am happy to report that I ended up with a pretty ice cream-coloured blanket for my niece.
The various colours came from the old scarf, the thick white used to sew pieces together and in the fringe came from another old fluffy scarf, the burgundy was an old purchase I had never used and the brown was purchased for the project. Reduce re-use recycle!

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