Black, blue and earthy

More necklaces! I've notices that each of my bead creations are often quite different from the last. I tend to be quite diverse in my own style but I also like to ensure that when I make stuff for other people, it will suit their own style. When Nika was in town, we popped into the bead store, and not being much a beader herself, she was totally fascinated by the craft. She helped me make this black and blue piece for our friend Laura who has a very chic and modern style, and then she asked me to make something for herself. Nika likes reds and earthtones and was pretty addament about having something asymmetrical with a tiny bit of subtle bling. She was not only happy with the result, but extremely fascinated by the whole process of making a necklace - which made me enjoy it that much more.
The third is a piece I made my mum for mothers day. Very simple, but definitely her style. I don't think I could ever start a jewellery line because I could never stick with a specific style.

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