Herb spa

When the stresses of juggling school, work, socializing - and life altogether - get to me, I need to stop for a minute and take a breather alone. Usually this involves bathing... especially in the dead of winter when the idea of trudging through the snow again makes me want to throw a tantrum.
This past winter was particularly busy for me but I made me-time every so-often, and I usually opted for something a little different each time.
One particular evening I went online to see what people might use from their kitchen cupboards for a relaxing soak in the tub. I found red wine to be quite popular so I dumped an old half bottle of merlot into the pouring water and I also found tea to be a popular add-in. I brewed various types of tea including chamomile and ginger, and I also steeped mint leaves and rosemary.
All the steeped tea and herb water was added to the merlot bath and then I wrapped the mint and rosemary in a clothe with an elastic and used it as a skin buffer.
I have never come out of a bath smelling as delicious or feeling as calm as I did that evening so I'm passing this genius bath recipe to all of you.

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