Handmade Halloween

In my opinion, if you care, Halloween costumes should always be made at home. I sometimes spot adorable costumes for kids or ridiculous adults getups in stores but for the most part, there is no need to spend a fortune on something you're going to wear once. Besides, most of the fun in wearing a costume is taking the credit for the brilliant design.
I've worn some pretty poor costumes in the past - mostly due to my inability to plan ahead for Halloween. I can plan on an outfit for a fancy party two months in advance but I cannot plan a Halloween costume. Last year, I put on the boyfriend's clothes at the last minute and went to a party in '90s grunge. Three years ago I was in the middle of a move but I somehow pulled together a pirate costume with scraps of my own items - complete with sword. I've been a Survivor contestant, a figure skater, a flapper girl, a gypsy, a blinged out rapper and a Northern Ontario beauty queen.

This year was the usual last minute trip to Value Village with two days to pull something together. Dean and I began brainstorming "couple costumes." Romeo and Juliette would be too hard on the cheap, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Annie Hall wasn't interesting enough. We assumed Psy and a "sexy lady" would be too overdone, and American Idol judges Steven Tyler and J-Lo wasn't good enough for the man since Dean has never seen the show. Somehow, Sally and Jack Skellington popped into my head and the brainstorm grew until we went home with colourful scarves, a pin-striped suit and a white pumpkin.
I spent the next two days sewing patches all over a cheap pre-owned dress and finished just in time for our guests to arrive for pre-Halloween party beers. 
Luckily it didn't require a good sewing job.

p.s. Until I get a new computer, I have to use limited available resources to post photos so, pardon the ugly.

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