Aussie Delight

We are approaching Australia Day on Jan. 26 and though I am not Aussie, I still have a loving connection to the antipode.
I lived in a Coogee Beach apartment for seven months - already seven years ago - and I did my best to take in all the details of my temporary home. Since I worked in a fancy cafĂ©, I  was exposed to some delicious Aussie treats. And don't even get me started on the coffee; we do things so differently in Canada.
One recipe I took home with me was the lamington. This is a dainty dessert that is probably more popular for its look than for the simple flavours. In short, a lamington is a white cake cut into cubes, covered in chocolate icing and sprinkled with shredded coconut.

I made some for an event recently where decorations were accented in blue so I made a batch with chocolate icing and another with blue vanilla icing. I also found the cubes to be quite large so I halfed them into bite size triangles.
This recipe, albeit adorable and tasty, is not something you want to take on when under time constraints. Plan ahead, find a good flick on the iPad and psych yourself for a few hours of frosted fingers.
The recipe followed is for simple white cake but the next time I submit myself to a lamington project, I might seek out a denser pound-like cake due to the delicate nature of a fluffy cake that crumbles when spreading theicing. I also love the idea of colour variety so I'll try different icing flavours next time (pink pomegranate?).
This was not my prettiest batch but, here they are! Enjoy and be patient, the reactions alone will be worth your hard work.

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