DIY Wedding

When my sister got engaged I gave her a book called Handmade Weddings. My family is a crafty and thrifty bunch so it turned out to be a perfect tool to help her in some of the planning and decorating. 
I wasn't involved in the planning of decor but I wanted to share the lovely DIY items that were produced for the event. 
First we received the invitation, designed by the groom, which was ironed onto an old handkerchief. They had a large variety of colours and designs, mine had images of Australian flowers - appropriate, as you know, if you read my previous post. 
While planning the table arrangements, a friend discovered a basement full of mason jars and offered them up for the occasion, so these were used as candle holders, vases and old photo displays tied together with twine. They sat in the middle of each table on a piece of burlap cut out from coffee bags. The twine also came in handy for the jars of homemade plum pudding and the coffee filter fluff-balls that hung from the ceiling at the reception hall.
The bride made her own wedding cake, which had delectable spice flavours, but making it dazzle more than your average bundt was a little tricky. Luckily, we found these gold flowers in a box of cake decorations from past birthdays. It sat among a variety of homemade sweets on a table decked out with a pennant banner reading "Love is Sweet."
Finally, above the cheese table was a giant cork board which took a lot of brainstorming to deal with, but at the last minute we got our hands on some black bristol board, and stapled a makeshift chalk board which was used to inform guests where they could find the delicious cheese.
It all came together perfectly to make a beautiful winter wedding with a cozy touch.

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