Frugal Art

Since moving to a bigger and prettier apartment last year, I have done whatever I can to save money while making it feel like home. Apartment Thereapy  has been an excellent source of ideas, along with A Beautiful Mess, both of which have become part of my daily online routine.

We had a giant naked wall in the kitchen in dire need of a statement piece, so after rummaging through all our stuff and discovering three big empty frames I started brainstorming and I happened upon the paint chip mosaic idea online. It took many trips, probably a dozen or so, to the hardware store where I collected paint chips from various colour pallets. I actually felt guilty about hoarding all these free samples and repeatedly had to tell the sales clerks that I was "just looking for ideas."
That was a long enough process, which was then followed by the process of placing each square in a straight pattern. My advice: do not begin this project next to an open window or you'll end up with this little mess the moment you leave the room:

After moving my project to the floor and securing all the chips with watered-down white glue, I ended up with this big bad piece of art that has not failed to prompt conversations. I love this idea and the outcome, but I never want to deal with that many paint chips, ever again.

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