Happy Little New Year

Here is proof that you can be at one of the biggest parties in the world, stay sober and have fun doing nothing.
Sydney is a town where beer and wine practically flow out of fountains - Aussies know how to drink - and yet, my new year's celebration in Sydney was, perhaps, the most sober night of my whole Australian experience.
After an evening serving fancy cocktails to fancy customers, my co-worker and I closed up shop early on George Street and wandered over to Hyde Park in search of a few friends. Once reunited with my people, said co-worker went home and we carried on with a million other people, crowding our way into Circular Quay for the loudest and widest fireworks display I have ever seen. Like a tennis match, the crowd's gaze shifted from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge and back, and sometimes pulled over to an area above The Rocks for more multi-coloured explosions.
The crowd was intense and we unfortunately got stuck under one of the few trees near the harbour, but some nice Aussie folks nearby ensured we got to see the best of the show.
Bridge Street at Pitt Street in Sydney

When it ended, the million strong applauded and attempted to uproot for a long slow walk through the CBD streets. Market Street was particularly cramped with patios open, street performers and the aforementioned million people. But everyone was happy to be there and eventually the streets opened up and we found ourselves back in Hyde Park where sporadic groups were breaking out into spontaneous dance parties - some of which we joined.
One thing I miss about Aussies is they don't take themselves too seriously. One fellow tried to snap a photo of himself and me as we continuously crossed paths (it was in perfectly good humour and not at all creepy). After a brief threat of a water fight with another stranger in the dark, we stumbled out of the party and onto Oxford Street where a taxi swiftly delivered us back to Coogee. A perfectly pure and fun welcome to the new year ended at 2:30 a.m.

And what a blessing it was. The next day was a near record-breaking 45 degrees - certainly not a day for hangovers.

That night, we had us some cold goon wine. Happy new year!


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