Musical Shots Pt. 1

As the main squeeze of a music producer/engineer, I go to a lot of gigs. I rarely take photos, mostly due to laziness - I just don't feel like lugging a camera around from show to show. It was a bit different on December 8th, 2012; this was the reunion of an Ottawa band called LURE. These guys have a local fan base here in town but before this show, they hadn't played together in about five years. I had never seen them before and I was extra pumped about this show because it was my first time seeing said producer in his element. I see him do his thing in the studio, I've also seen him play bass, guitar and backup vocals for various bands around town, but I had never seen him front and centre. So, I brought my camera to this show. One of my new favourite Ottawa bands opened - Little Stella has an addictive song called Woods that I recommend checking out. When LURE (slightly older than the Little Stella guys) took to the stage, they looked like they pros - well they are pros, but I mean really, pros.
Sadly this wasn't the rebirth of LURE, simply a gig complete with penalty box, "Tiny Sips" competition and a song about Halo (the video game). These guys have all moved on to busy lives and careers but hopefully they won't wait another five years before getting onstage together again. They rocked the socks off of every guest that night.

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