Birthday Bundt

We recently celebrated a dual birthday with a party of extremely non-sweet-tooth types. They are not a dessert crowd but I definitely love sweets so I took it upon myself to provide the birthday cake for the duo. I opted for a less-sweet coffee cake with an icing drizzle - inspired by my sister's wedding cake.
I followed a recipe from Martha Stewart's website, Aunt Patty's Coffee Cake, and drizzled it with a simple Milk Glaze topped with crushed almonds and chocolate sprinkles. The recipe yields one regular bundt cake but I divided it into four mini bundts. I only brought two cakes to the party and it was a perfect amount of sweetness for the seven guests.
As I was throwing this together at the last minute, I didn't mess with the recipe like I normally do, except that I added almond extract to the mix. The next time I make a coffee cake, I'll use brown sugar, cinnamon and roasted almonds. But either way, it's delightful with a cup of coffee and looks adorable with a candle in the middle. 

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