These beauties are all over Pinterest and I'm happy to see the trend growing because when I was about 10-years old I received a dreamcatcher for Christmas and I also learned how to make them in school. This subsequently led to a small trend in my own gift giving - everyone in my family and circle of friends received the flimsy versions made by me that year. I would cut the rims of plastic container lids, wrap them in fuzzy yarn and weave the net with twine or thread or whatever I could find. My bead collection was brightly coloured with some fruity shapes so suffice to say, the 90's versions of my dreamcatchers were adorably unique. Unfortunately I don't know where any of them ended up but I always remembered how to make them. So this year, while preparing a gift for my sister I decided to throw in a little something extra.
I found everything I needed at the dollar store: metal ring, embroidery floss, leather rope, feathers, lace and ribbon. I have millions of and billions of beads (a much more diverse collection than my childhood one), so it's easy enough to create a look that will suit the style of whomever I make it for.

To be honest, I started making this one for myself and was really happy with it, but it turned out to be a good colour palette for Jo, so I gave it to her. Also, I forgot to take a proper photo before gifting the dreamcatcher so I only have cell phone shots to work with.
You get the idea though, right?
Sweet dreams!

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