Valentine Surprise

So, I was surprised. The man stepped up to the plate and ensured a memorable Valentine's Day despite his distaste for the holiday and some scheduling setbacks with his little-one's optometrist appointment.
After setting out my own little surprise for him before I left for work in the morning (I drew a sound wave of the words "I love you" on a highly kitschy handmade card and set out some chocolate covered mocha mousse), I spent a long day at the office discussing the pros and cons of a made-up holiday with my male colleagues who had little patience with all the news coverage. Every channel was talking about various ways Canadians celebrate Valentine's day and how much the average Canadian spends on the Hallmark holiday - it's around $90, by the way. Meanwhile, I was checking my phone for messages - just waiting for a little "happy V-Day." But alas, nothing.
Not a single message all day long.

I trudged home in the snow, walking past women with smug smiles as they carried bouquets of flowers and men breezing by with their wrapped gifts. I finally walked up my steps and opened the door to a light saber battle between a three-year old and his dad.
I immediately concluded that there would be no date night. But I was a tad quick to conclude the fate of my day because there, sitting on the dining room table, was a dozen deep red roses in my purple vase.
And that wasn't all. The light sabers were put away, we got into our warm gear, piled into the car, dropped off kiddo to his mom and our date night began. The first part was a stroll through a bicycle warehouse sale (my beloved Specialized was stolen in the fall). Then, we went to a canal-side pub for dinner and stepped down onto the ice for some evening skating. Not only did he come prepared with our sharpened skates, he also had a backpack with wine, two glasses and my Valentine's day gift: a pineapple. On a chain. Which I had to wear while we skated. **
The ice was in a poor state with the mild weather but it was all we needed - short and sweet.
Props to those who don't mind spoiling their partners despite beliefs that Valentine's Day is just a commercial holiday. As long as we keep things simple and don't lose sight of what really matters on the day of love, then how could anyone have a problem with acknowledging their person a little more on this day.
Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
**Back story: I recently had a dream that he proposed by giving me a copper necklace with a pineapple pendant

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