GREAT Glebe Garage Sale

This past weekend we gathered some junk and set up a table at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in hopes of raising a bit of cash for Dean's studio (The Gallery Recording Studio). We have a monthly show in the works which will feature a performance by musicians working in the studio and we also plan on having some local visual artists display their work. The first show (fingers crossed) will be in June.
So with all these plans in progress, we thought it would be more economical if Dean had his own P.A. system rather than spending money on rental gear each month.
Hence the garage sale. We raised about half of our budget thanks to awesome donations from friends and family.

Normally I would go a little crazy at a garage sale and snap up everything in sight but luckily it was a cold 
day and my temptations were muffled by shivers. Although I couldn't walk away completely empty-handed. I found a ratty old lamp which will look snazzy with a little makeover, a lovely blue flower pot and some material which I plan on using to recover a bench.

Here are some terrible cellphone shots:
Saddly, these bookends did not sell...
Seeing all kinds of awesome stuff over the weekend, I was well ready for a trip to Value Village by Monday. Two hours and $60 later, I came out with plenty of new colourful outfits. Summer!

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