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Springtime is here and it feels a lot more like summer with this 25 degree weather. Even though there wasn't much an in-between season, people around town did the same as they do every year when the snow melts: they went to the ByWard Market. The market becomes such a sleepy little neighbourhood in the winter so when the temperature rises and people begin to step out of their homes, it reverts back to the central hub in Ottawa.

Back in college I used the market as a subject for a photo essay. I interviewed vendors, snapped photos of them in their stalls and wrote up a little story to go along with the images. It was a fairly simple assignment that was also aimed at developing our layout skills. Judging by all the dashes in my sub-header, I hadn't quite mastered that art. However, I still think it's a pretty vibrant page.

While I'm at it, the photo essay below was my first assignment of this kind. For this one, I called up Canterbury High School and asked if I could attend a rehearsal of their school play for behind-the-scenes photos. I'm fond of high school theatre because I spent many a day hanging out onstage and in the wings throughout high school. Being backstage during this rehearsal of Annie was like a flashback to my teen years.

Hope you enjoy my (now five-year) old projects!

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