We moved!

Another busy month has come and gone. It seems every month in 2013 has been chock-full of events and April carried on in the same fashion. Now it's May and I see where my time will go; I'm in the midst of unpacking and decorating.
On April 30, we said goodbye to our old place in the Glebe and hello to the new digs in Overbrook. It has been a bittersweet time as I adjust to the idea of living outside of my usual proximity to fruit and veggie markets, drug stores, coffee shops, gift shops, bike shops... general shops.

My new hood is definitely more residential and our closest amenity is a huge grocery store on a busy parkway.
On the plus side, we are one block away from one of the city's most beloved green spaces along the Rideau River. And the house, well that's the whole reason we moved. As much as I will miss my former central home, I will not miss the aging property that had leaky windows, crumbling ceilings and floor boards held together with packing tape.
(Through the magic of Instagram filters, it looks like a lovely place to dwell but one year was enough for us pack in and move on.)
Now we have a bigger and prettier place to call our own and so far it's proving to have been a smart move. And let me just add that hiring movers was even smarter.
Now I must continue the daunting process of unpacking and decorating. I'll be back with photos in a few weeks... or months.

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