Art Hunt

The last time I shopped at Value Village I spotted this shiny print of a lovely painting. I didn't immediately jump on it but I did take a picture, and days later I was still thinking about it. Needless to say, it had been sold by the time I called the store. I tried to find it online but I haven't had any luck.
The artist's signature looks to say J. Osborn and searches for that name have been inconclusive.
Now that I have this mystery on my hands, I want it more. Plus, the more I stare at it, the more I can see it fitting in nicely with the colour palette in my living room. It would be perfect.

What to do?

* * *
Moments later...

After posting this on my blog and on Pinterest, I decided to search a little deeper. I searched through various art sites and various individual artist sites (John Osborne, Patrick J. Osborne, etc) and eventually, through my  mish-mash of clicks, I landed on an artist directory where I spotted the name Jacqueline Osborn. On her official site you can peruse the art in her catalogue and it seemed to fit the style of the one I was looking for, but that one couple on the beach wasn't there. Then I noticed a broken link with the title "Afternoon Affair." The play on words had to be right. I put that title in a search engine and up came this lovely image. Fait accompli!
So satisfying.


  1. I bought this oil painting at a second hand book sale here in NZ. I'm about to put it up for sale.