Happy Royalversary

Today in England, the royals are celebrating 60 years since the Queen's coronation. That was a big day then, and the Diamond Jubilee is a pretty big day now. But remember April 29, 2011? Remember that day when the world woke up early to watch what has now become the most famous wedding in recent history? I remember that day clearly. I didn't wake up early for the events but I did have a front row seat under five televisions on five different channels airing the live nuptials.
At the time, I was working an overnight shift that required constant media surveillance - needless to say it was a fairly chill news day since all broadcast networks were focusing on nothing else but the extravagant affair.
Will and Kate became household names (not that they were strangers before) and there was growing anticipation for their visit to Canada. After the much hyped, highly publicized, excruciatingly dissected wedding and honeymoon, the royal couple came to Canada and I managed to catch a glimpse on their first stop at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on June 30, 2011.

I'm not a royal watcher or a celebrity stalker, but like many people, I find that there is a familiarity with the royals - I mean their grandmother's face is on the money so you can't get help but feel like you know her. By the way, I saw the Queen just the year before (to the day, on June 30, 2010) when she visited the Nature Museum in Ottawa. I happened to live just around the corner at the time so when I heard she was there I scooted over for a few shots.
As you can see, it's not easy to get a good shot through a thick crowd using a so-so lens but I'm still pretty pleased with the outcome.

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