I had an idea a few years back that never took off. I had just finished reading a series of graphic novels and I was feeling inspired by the visuals and storytelling which tied in with my love of vintage travel posters, especially those pop-art designs. My plan at the time, had been to tell my travel stories through a comic strip which I would create by editing my pictures in Photoshop. Well, it never panned out. I got through one entry and I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I had assigned myself - mostly due to the fact that I only had a basic knowledge of Photoshop so it would take me a while to figure out new techniques. I also had to figure out A) which tales I wanted to tell and, B) which photos would be appropriate to make it visually effective.
I found some tools in Photoshop to roughen up the pictures for a comic-inspired look but I found myself having more fun with individual shots that I would enhance to create my own little vintage-looking posters.
This is one of them:

In the new house, we have a big blank wall that is screaming for some artwork. So now that I've rediscovered this file, I'm thinking of creating a few more of these little posters for a home gallery of places I've visited. Let's see how it goes...

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