Continuing with d├ęcor and my domestic abilities (following the Lamps! edition), this is my curtain showcase. I won't go into heavy detail as they were all fairly simple projects. The biggest job is measuring and pinning, the rest is just speed control on the sewing machine.
The bedroom curtains were plain old polyester from a department store. To make them suit a child's room I painted full circles and hoops (using both parts of a mason jar lid) in brown, red, blue and white acrylic paint. It was super easy, and they go well with the Cars pennant flags that I made a while back.
For the kitchen curtains I found a pattern that suited my style but also worked with the weird peach-coloured walls, which I don't plan on painting. The rod height was already set so I only had to measure, cut and hem. To add a little texture along the top, I sewed two-inch pieces of fabric two inches apart instead of placing the rod in one long tube of fabric.
The living room drapes were the most involved. I found a nice heavy fabric (it's actually weather proof material) that would hang straight without creasing. I also had to determine the height of the rod and deal with fabric that doesn't fold well. I measured and re-measured and repeated that process about six times before cutting, folding, ironing, pinning and sewing. I wanted to make sure it worked out perfectly, and it did. In both sets of homemade curtains I left enough material in the hem to add length if I ever have taller windows to deal with in the future.
Now summer is already half over and I still have cottage curtains to tackle. 

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