Today I'm exploring the exciting world of lamps. Than can be ugly or beautiful and often make a statement and make for great conversation starters. Last summer I found two similar (and fairly ugly) brass lamps at separate garage sales with the intention of giving them a spraypaint makeover. I didn't have a particular colour in mind but I'm fond of yellow so I went with that. It was a messy and sticky job that left a lovely glow on my landlord's driveway... My bad.
Considering it was my first DIY spraypaint project, I was digging the results and guests at my house often commented on ecclectic living room d├ęcor. The problem was that I didn't have matching lamp shades and apparently such things are not as commonly found in stores as one might think. The hunt ended with the purchase of another set of matching new-to-me lamps complete with shades. By this time, I had decided on a colour for my living room (terra cotta walls, white trim, dark brown furniture and sky blue accents) so I offloaded the yellow lamps on the recording studio - they look great in there - and found the perfect blue spray paint.
This time I was careful not to stain the surrounding surface and the end results were much better than the yellow. They looked awesome in my living room. And then we moved.

In the the new house, my walls are taupe but everything else stayed the same so it's a little less Mediterranean, and a little more Earth. Also for the new living room, I found some beautiful fabric that will accent the blue lamps with a pattern similar to Aztec or Chevron designs. But that's for a whole other post covering the wonderful world of drapes.
To be continued...

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