I've been forcing myself to get in front of the camera for a change... ugh.
I was not blessed with photogenic facial expressions so in order to get one decent head shot for my 'about me' page, Dean took about 200 photos of me. That was yesterday. Today, I was digging my outfit and it occurred to me that so many bloggers post their own fashion selfies (these girls do it everyday!), why shouldn't I? So I set up my camera on the tripod and awkwardly walked out onto the deck for several attempts at showing off my cute skirt from Value Village. I've always been a rather confident and secure person but I've always been more comfortable running the show from behind the scenes (writing, photographing, even doing theatre makeup and lighting up the stage) as soon as I become aware that I'm being documented, be it audio, video or photo, I turn into an ungraceful mess.
So with that, here is my very first fashion-type post. Feel free to snicker as you now know that I was by myself and completely uneasy with what I was trying to accomplish.

By the way, the sunglasses were entirely necessary to hide my eyes which were darting over to the neighbours to make sure no one was watching me. Thank you, internets, for allowing me to share my fears.

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