Gift of Flours

Some people are hard to shop for and I like to be somewhat creative when gift-giving. Although I sometimes settle for chocolates, candles or scented soap, I prefer to give my friends and family presents with a personal touch. Framed photos or souvenirs from my travels, books that I particularly enjoyed or quirky gadgets that remind me of a certain person are usually my go-to for birthdays and the holidays. 
For my old roommate Em, I got the idea from Stranger Than Fiction, a movie that she introduced me to. Since Em aims to eat gluten-free foods, she has to adjust recipes quite drastically while trying to maintain the flavours and consistency. So for her birthday, I went to a bulk foods store and bought various types of flour like Will Ferrell's character did for his date.

Each type of flour is good for a certain type of food - some savoury, some sweet, etc. I labeled each one with nutrient info and recipes on the back and gave them to her in a little wooden crate. It was very simple (even a bit shabby) but she seemed pretty happy to have all these flours to experiment with.
(paper clipped while the glue dried)

Sidenote: I kept some of the extra coconut flour to make cupcakes for Em and Dean's joint birthday party, but they turned out terribly. It's like powdered sponge. Hopefully she's having better luck with it and it wasn't a bust.

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