I was a little surprised when my director handed me this certificate before his departure for a new posting last week. According to this, I 'oustandingly' and 'dedicatedly' contributed to the successful re-launch of Canada's travel website; signed (not stamped) by the honourable big cheese himself. Not bad!
By the way, Canadian travellers - I'm saying this as a someone who likes to leave the country once in a while and not as a government employee - travel.gc.ca is a super handy tool before leaving for any destination. All information including security concerns, travel advisories, vaccines, visas and even information on laws and culture can be found on this site. I actually find it interesting just to read up on this stuff even if I don't have a trip planned. There is also a link to register with the mission in the country you plan to visit - you never know what can happen so it's good to have a convenient connection to home.
Safe Travels!

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