Owning Summer

The summer is winding down and it's making me a little anxious. Some trees are already changing colours and the evening air is feeling a little cooler. I treated summer very well this year, even though it didn't treat us overly kindly. It seems as though we had rain every other day (in my over dramatic opinion). Not that rain is a bad thing - my plants would vouch for that - but the heat never stuck around long enough for me to look forward to a good rain shower.
Still, I took advantage of opportunities between showers, or sometimes during, to swim, bike, sit outside, see outdoor concerts and have a few barbecues. We spent many hours under the sun, rolling down highways, sitting by lakes and pools, wandering through festivals, and I'm not done.
I'm obviously feeling very warm and fuzzy about summer; I wish it could stay, mostly because I'm not built for cold weather. And after last winter's harsh cruelty, I want to put the breaks on the changing seasons. On the other hand, I guess having to endure all those months at the other end of the thermometer gives us a greater appreciation for the joyful season of sun.
We still have a few more weeks of summer but my brain is still programmed to treat Labour Day weekend as the last weekend of summer. It's not, and I can certainly continue to enjoy the nice weather as a free adult. I will own these final weeks of summer!
I'm going camping, see ya later.

These are some shots from my favourite summertime photo collection. I took all these photos on 35mm film using a very old and leaky Minolta - no Instagram tricks here.

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