Post-Nuptial Shower

Last month my good friend Meg tied the knot in India with her long distance beau. It was a whirlwind affair but his family managed to throw together a traditional Indian wedding for the couple and the photos are quite stunning. Following her time in India she zipped back to Canada, still sporting the bridal glow, for her annual visit with family and friends. Since none of us could make it to the last minute wedding, I decided to throw her a cocktail party - sort of a wedding shower after the fact.
I enlisted the usual suspects for some poof-making which we did with dyed coffee filters (before the girls came over I had a facetime tutorial with my sister Jo who became a pro at poof-making during the preparation of our sister's wedding late last year).
The night before the party I nearly burned down the house in a sugar fire but I did manage to boil up four different syrups for cocktails: ginger, mint, lime and pomegranate (or grenadine).
The afternoon before the soirée I strung the poofs on the clothesline with Christmas lights and made some economical bouquets with hydrangeas and purple flowers plucked from the front yard. I also set out all the fixins' for mixing cocktails - lots of glasses and jars, shakers, the syrups, a variety of garnishings and, of course, umbrellas.
Several people brought food - we had pinwheel sandwiches, guacamole, mango salsa, cupcakes, mini pizzas... it was all so colourful - and everyone was asked to bring one type of liqueur for the mixology party. I had a few cocktail recipes written out for those who felt a little flustered by all the choices, but by the end of the night we were getting experimental. It all ended with a round of marshmallow vodka shots, which I don't recommend.
Here are some photos from the prep to the party.

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