Summer vacation

Back from vacation, time to relax!
Dean, Liam and I arrived back in Ottawa late Sunday (or the wee hours of Monday) after a busy nine-day summer vacation. It started two Fridays ago with a trip to North Bay for a family pool party, then to Santa's Village in Bracebridge to let the kiddies run around and get high on sugar.
Lake Nipissing

Early Monday we returned to the Ottawa area and took a sharp turn towards New York state. We drove for a bunch of hours and called it quits for the night in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Tuesday morning we drove the remaining miles to Sandwich in Cape Cod where we set up camp*.
After setup, we went down to South Cape Beach for a swim in Nantucket Sound.

Wednesday we spent the day at the beach in Dennis - beautiful spot, reminiscent of the beach in Jaws. Thursday we drove up the cape to Provincetown. Friday there was a heavy rainstorm so after seeing a movie about racing snails, we decided to grab some clothes and head towards Boston. We had dinner in Cambridge and, the next day, toured around the awesome (and totally confusing) city before returning to the cape for our last sleep.

Sunday morning we woke up early and packed up the campsite with the intention of making a few stops along the way home and maybe even sleeping somewhere between Boston and Ottawa. We had breakfast in Plymouth, the first settlement in New England, then went a little further for a swim in Salem, historic for the witch trials, and carried on up the highway. Before we knew it, we were approaching the border and decided to power through. 3,000 km later, I'm back at work and the house is a disaster. Oh and, it's already mid-August?!

*Setting up camp was not as simple as usual... we forgot tent poles. So before we could actually set up, we had to drive another half hour to find a store to buy a new tent.

Here are some photos.

Santa's Village

Cape Cod



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