This summer I began growing tomatoes in my backyard. It was going very well and I was so excited to see the almost two dozen little green balls growing into baby tomatoes. Sadly though, the evil critters of the neighborhood caught on to the tasty delights and plucked me clean of all my tomatoes. I looked out my window one day to find a very sad tomato plant with but a single nub, not yet worthy of being stolen by the rude animal.
When I went out to investigate I found two had been left behind, carelessly on the ground. I didn't want to let them go to waste so I put the green tomatoes on my windowsill and upon returning from my vacation I found them (at least one) looking pretty succulent.

Children of today may not know what that cartridge is; it's a roll of film, to show that my tomato is under two inches.

They're tiny but they will be feasted on. And, the plant managed to squeeze one more so I get to look forward to these half-inch bad boys.

Baby Tomatoes

While we're discussing plants, here is my bushy basil plant that will soon be muddled down to pesto. And below are chives and rosemary.


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