The Pines

Shortly before my vacation the guys of the Withering Pines asked me to take a few photos during a rehearsal in exchange for home baked cookies and a beer. We're all friends, so I was happy to oblige. I was using a new lens (that's often the case whenever I'm asked to take photos) so I was a bit unsure as to how they would turn out but I got a few nifty shots of the guys, including these bad-ass head shots that I strung together for a poster. They were looking for a new band photo to go up on the Craft Beer Festival website prior to their gig which was this past weekend. I can't share all the photos right now but this was the chosen shot. Click here for a taste of their performance. 

It had been years since I took a band photo. Other than gig photos and the latest of the Pines, the last band shot I took was  of the John Henrys in 2008 for my college newspaper. Male musicians are among the easiest subject in photography; they just know how to make love to the camera. 

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