Aussie throwback: Solo Time

Some of the best time had while living as a backpacker, is the down time. The opportunity to chill out solo and explore your surroundings without an agenda or another person imposing ideas is refreshing. I certainly prefer to travel with people but those rare moments are some of the best times I've had while wandering in a new place.

Coogee Beach

One scorching week in January (a few years ago), my roommates were off on their own adventures while I happened to have gotten a few days off my serving job at the café. Rather than call up friends or leave town for a few days, I took full advantage of having some me-time.

What I remember most about that week is the generous amount of sleep I managed to catch up on. When I wasn't getting my beauty rest I got food at some great local cafés and found a particular fondness for A Fish Called Coogee (this guy has great photos of the restaurant), my mouth waters at the memory of their calamari and bok choy. I also did something I had never done before; I went to the cinema alone and watched King Kong alone. Not only did I not have anyone yammering in my ear, the cinema in Randwick had leather easy chairs and servers bringing popcorn and soft drinks to movie watchers - it was the single best overpriced solo date I've ever had.

Beyond spoiling myself, I jogged and I took "long walks on the beach" (yes, I do like them) and discovered rock pools - some natural, some not - along the coastline and found the best views of my neighbourhood. On one of my walks along the water I felt a prick on my foot and suddenly a handful of children surround the area behind me. I turned around in time to see a prickly blowfish deflate as it lost oxygen in the sand. It was indeed an odd occurence. I examined my foot and found three needle pricks on my heel - just one more thing to add to my list of quirky experiences during those months.
After four days on my own, I felt rejuvenated and ready to get back into the regular routine of working in the evenings followed by late nights of social shenanigans. That was the good life.

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