Old Film

As you can see with all the 'wayfare' photos, I've been busy rummaging through all my travel pictures lately to compile little tastes of the places I've been. I never get tired of going through old photos.
But, I do get fed up with looking through sleeves of negatives, so tonight I was researching cheap and efficient ways to copy negatives without going to the photo lab since they like to charge a lot of money for that type of service. First I found articles suggesting you place negatives in front of the window, snap a photo and then edit in Photoshop. I tried it with my DSLR but I couldn't focus close enough without a macro lens. Then I saw a video where someone placed the negatives on a scanner and then lit up a tablet and placed it behind the negatives so when the machine scanned, the photos were backlit. This method doesn't allow for colour doctoring afterwards, plus it was hard to smooth out the pixelly background. After some brainstorming I realized that my cheap point-and-shoot Fujifilm has a macro option so, since it was dark outside by this point, I placed the negatives on the lit iPad and snapped a photo. It took a bit of adjusting, but I finally got the system semi-functional.

In order to avoid the pixels from the iPad screen from ruining the finish, I placed a semi-opaque plastic container over it and then placed the negative on a jewel case sandwiched with a piece of glass (from a photo frame), sat the 'sandwich' inside the container with the iPad turned on to a blank white screen and took a photo of the negative. This way the negative was flat and slightly elevated from whatever texture the container might have.
Invert colours in photoshop and adjust levels.

It mostly worked!

We're not talking about crystal clear quality prints but it's a start, and certainly much better than looking at negatives over a light bulb. One thing I failed to notice was the printed wording on the back of the container reading "Made in China" along with a serial number. They show up quite prominently in some of my photos:

...whatever, it's art. 

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