Buena Tortilla

Continuing with my limited blogging abilities while my computer sits in the repair shop; I've been revamping my Pinterest boards because browsing through fun pictures is an amazingly productive activity... While I was at it, I came across a delightful looking snack consisting of black beans, avocado and goat cheese on a tortilla, all happily tied with a string. That image brought me back to all the delicious food we ate in Guatemala, and Tuesday night dinner was immediately planned.

First I made tortillas - I have a tortilla press which makes the job extremely easy - and I like to use corn flour from a Latin American grocery store in my neighborhood. While I did that, Dean mixed corn with green onions, avocado and oil to make the "relish," and set it aside to let the flavours mingle. Once the tortillas were ready to go, we spread diced tomatoes, black beans, Monterrey Jack cheese and a sprinkling of cumin on each one, then placed them in the oven for about 10 minutes. For the meal we piled the relish on our loaded tortillas and topped them off with sour cream (and hot sauce for some). It was dense and delicious. ¡Bueno!

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