Halloween Pt. 3

A last minute change in plans had me scrambling to find a costume yesterday and, for some reason, Mary Poppins was the idea that came to me. Dean and I decided to go to the Hornettes' Halloween party at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. I as Mary Poppins and he as a Jedi took a drive through the rain to see the show which was opened by the Mackenzie Rythm Section.
One thing I noticed at this costume party was that despite all the talk leading up to Halloween about finding the most unique get-up, you can always count on seeing the usual suspects  year after year: Peter Pans, pirates, super heroes, men dressed as women, witches, dudes in Viking helmets, hippies, those airy fat-suits and those girls who wear sparkly body suits and masks (and you're not quite sure that they're supposed to be... faires?).
Taken at the end of the night, a little less "Perfect in Every Way"

My costume was not unique, nor was it sexy (I don't think a sexy Mary Poppins would work) but I did try to get as much detail as possible. Unfortunately I don't have a black hat but I noticed that the character's hat is adorned with daisies and red berries so I snipped some mystery berries from the vine growing on my front porch and pined them in my hair. Dean had it easy, he wore a long robe and accessorized with a blue lightsaber from the toy box. Zero dollars were spent on Halloween costumes this year.

Mary Poppins
Mackenzie Rythm Section
The Hornettes as Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch of the East,
Glinda, Dorothy, the yellow brick road, and Scarecrow on drums

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