My computer is on the fritz so I currently have limited blogging capabilities, but I can still use what little resources I have to accomplish little posts here and there. Unfortunately it has taken me two weeks to get back on the blog since I was spending all my spare time backing up files before bringing in my beloved computer for repairs.
I have no segue here, so... I made kale chips!
I've been hearing and reading about how great baked kale is for snacks but I rarely remember when I'm at the grocery store. Except for last week, I decided to buy some bunches while on my weekly shopping run and gave it a whirl.. First of all, let's talk about that texture: it's like no other chip or crisp I've ever had - so perfectly light and crispy. The first batch was seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt but my seasoning was a little too heavy. So, for the second batch, I seasoned with less olive oil and lemon juice, much less salt and added a sprinkling of dill. Much better! I still have a third batch to bake (yes, I'm hoarding kale) and I'm looking for different seasoning ideas, like maybe all-dressed? Mmm. Healthy.

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