Aussie Chrissie

The snow won't stop! Winter officially began two days ago but, before that, we already got buried by several snowstorms and we just got a double-whammy this weekend. I can't say I hate the snow entirely, it's rather pretty and kind of fun. But when my car is zig-zaggin on unploughed streets or I find myself walking like a drunk on unploughed sidewalks, I can't help but wish I was chilling out on the beach.

To feed my beach fantasies a little more, I dug out some old photos of my Christmas in Sydney. (Yes, this means I finally have my computer back and will begin posting on a regular basis again.)

Christmas in Oz was complete with swimming and sunbathing on the crowded Bondi Beach, turkey burgers and cranberry sauce for dinner, and an early night in with a touch of heat exhaustion in new pyjamas sent to me from my family in Canada. But before turning in, the girls and I decided to walk down to the payphone at the beach (already in our pjs) and call the families who were just beginning their Christmas festivities. When I finished my call, I waited around for Lou but noticed that two other backpacker-types, also clad in similar attire, were making their own phone calls to their far-away families.

All five of us stood on the sidewalk by Coogee Beach chatting about our travels when an Aussie walked by with a boom box on his shoulder. Who does that? We invited him to hang out and, before we knew it, our sidewalk chat grew to about a dozen random people mingling on the sidewalk with some hip hop in the background. Naturally, we needed to get our hands on some drinks, so Lou and I ran up to the flat to get our Coolabah goon bag and whatever plastic cups we could find for a Christmas toast. We thought our party was over when we returned to the crowd and found a police officer talking to the new friends, but it turned out he just wanted us to move onto the beach rather than hang out beside the street.

I don't remember the names of the people in our gathering, or where they were from, but we played drinking games and told stories until the early hours of the morning. What began as a tame end to our Christmas in Sydney, turned out to be as perfect as a backpacker Christmas can be.

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