Birthday Mail

My friend Amber is turning 30 this weekend - she's the first of my university friends to hit the third decade but unfortunately we live in different cities now so I won't be celebrating with her. Actually if I'm not mistaken, she's going to be tied up with a work function that happens to be scheduled on her big day.
Luckily her sister had a great idea. She put a call out to friends and family and asked them to send Amber a card in the mail - "happy mail" as she put it, as opposed to "bad mail" is much better than a Facebook post. "Sometimes larger birthdays need more attention."

I started with a card, and then I remembered that we had recently taken a group photo on one of our visits so I picked up a frame and when I got home and put it all together I decided to throw in a bunting banner so she could deck out any space she happens to be in for her birthday. I love parcels.

The mail service proved to be abnormally fast this week and she posted this on Facebook the next day:
"Righteous glittercard, pennant and photo from Frankie. One cannot have too large a party, indeed."

Happy 30th Birthday Amber!

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