Throwback Thursday: SKYDIVE

Back when I had guts, I jumped out of a plane with a nice guy strapped to my back. This jump in Cairns, Australia, was my third attempt at the ridiculous activity.
The first had been about eight month prior while visiting New Zealand. I was in Taupo where a whole bunch of backpackers on the Kiwi tour had signed up to skydive together. We got ourselves geared up, had the brief orientation and then the clouds rolled in. The skydive centre made the wise decision to cancel the jump but expected to see better weather in the morning, so we unsuited and went back to our hostel.
Since we had two nights in this town, we let loose that night and went out dancing at a bar. It wasn't a crazy night but I guess I was sauced enough to lose my footing in my flimsy flip-flops. Something happened which felt like four rubber bands being torn apart inside my left foot. It hurt.

The next morning my foot was large, purple and unusable. My friends helped me hobble to a doctor where (after having a brief chuckle at my predicament) it was determined I had several torn ligaments which would make the rest of my backpacking adventure in New Zealand a little more challenging - so skydiving was out of the question. Actually, the doctor didn't necessarily tell me it was out of the question; he suggested I do it anyway and aim to land on my right foot, but he also said that I'd risk breaking that foot and then I'd really be screwed. So attempt number two was a write-off.
I should note that I while I was sitting in the waiting room, my friends had taken off to catch the bus to the skydive centre. Jerks. I actually shed a tear when they came back and showed me the video at the hostel.
So about seven or eight months later, fully healed, I signed up to skydive in Cairns. The fellow's name was Ciaran and, if I remember right, this was his last jump before moving to the states.
These are stills taken from the video he took the whole way down. I'd share the video but most of the shots are pretty gross with our cheeks flapping all over the place. These are much more pleasant to look at.

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