Little Details

These are the canisters that I grew up with. I can barely remember what they originally looked like, but I think they were dark stained wood with black detail. When my mom re-decorated her kitchen 15 years ago, she painted the shabby boxes white and blue to match the accents, but just a few years later she was ready to part with them and I was ready to take them to my apartment. 
I don't own a single thing in that shade of blue but for almost 10 years I let them sit out in my mismatched kitchen - until this weekend. I found a brand new bottle of paint in my junk drawer (most likely purchased for this exact project) and I decided to do a quick mini-makeover on these ugly boxes. First I had to scrub them - the outside of the canisters hadn't been properly cleaned in years and the difference is pretty noticeable in the pictures). I didn't touch up the white scuffs but I think that just by updating the colour of the lattice, it really brightens up the look. 
They're kitschy, and a lot of people probably think they're ugly but I'm quite fond of them. 

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