Frugal Fashion

Brace yourself for close-up butt shots. 
So far, my attempt at shopping second hand for the entire year is going swimmingly. I go to thrift shops about once a month and usually come out with a handful of items. The most recent visit was long and tedious because I was determined to find some new jeans and work clothes - it's always harder to scour thrift shops when you're looking for particular items, but I got lucky. All of the items I've purchased look and feel brand new. So far this year, I've scored two new pairs of jeans from American Eagle, floral print jeans from Aeropostale, black dress pants and a ruffled-sleeve top from Banana Republic, dark green dress pants from RW&Co., a knit top from Guess and a cozy lined sweater from Alfred Sung. I also have a few more tops from brands I'm not familiar with (Heart Beat, Road Runner and Blue Crush) plus a few new dresses, but they need a bit of work so I'll post them when they're ready for their re-emergence into the world.
Here are a few of the items I've plucked from the racks:

American Eagle
Guess (Dean gets credit for finding this gem)
Banana Republic
The skier is on the back... case you can't tell.

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