Eucalyptus Oil

I had some fresh eucalyptus a while back and it gave me the great idea of making my own eucalyptus oil. When I started reading up on it I found that eucalyptus oil can be used for pretty much everything in your life - cleaning the bathroom, removing stenches, repelling bugs, cleaning laundry, relaxing in the bath, clearing a stuffy nose... you name it (this person wrote a far more detailed blog post on some the uses). If it actually works as a bug repellent, then I'm stoked because I live near a river where the mosquitoes and black flies are rampant. Like really, really bad.
So, below are the steps I followed to make my potion. It's super simple - in fact, it's so simple that you might even forget you're doing it (see no. 4).

1. Get your hands on some fresh cut eucalyptus.

2. Break it up and stuff it into a jar.

3. Pour a light oil over the leaves, filling the jar, and seal it. At this point, store the jar in a warm place, like a sunny windowsill and give it a daily shake. When I began making my oil, the snow was still falling so I placed it in a kitchen drawer that stays abnormally warn throughout the winter. Naturally, the daily shakes were forgotten after a few days.

4. When enough time has passed (ie. the seasons change and you find your forgotten jar in said drawer),  open'er up and separate the oil from the leaves.

...See? Like this.

5. Pour your awesome smelling oil into a clean jar and you're ready to go!

If you have any mini liquor bottles kicking around, they're good if you want something that looks cute and pours well. I have to drink up four more mini bottles of wine so I can use them to store the rest of my oil. 


  1. What type of light oil did you use?

    1. I've been neglecting my blog... I used sunflower oil :)