Just Married!

I'm a married lady now! And, now that I'm back to a normal life, I'm slowly getting my online self re-organized.

In the nine months that led up to our wedding, I didn't post much due to the constant distractions and stressy feeling in the pit of my stomach. A lot of stuff got put on the back burner during that time. But in the coming weeks (read: months), I'll be sharing posts about all the plans that led up to our awesome-sauce wedding. I feel pretty accomplished for having organized a destination wedding à la carte.

It was a whirlwind nine months that involved a lot of organizing and daydreaming, and then poof! It was over! Everything went perfectly, everyone had fun and I didn't even have that post-wedding bridal withdrawal I was worried about experiencing.

Anyway, here are some photos from the wedding day taken by my new sister-in-law Megan. The official photos by Kim Ing Photography will be posted at a later date. Enjoy!

My godchild Emilie and my new stepson Liam carried the rings, which were tied to pineapples
Two of my best friends were part of the ceremony: Ann-Marie was my witness and Scott officiated
Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Yellow was my colour (thank you captain obvious)

Guests took instant photos for the guestbook and exchanged Valentines
The paper-wrapped pineapple was a gift from two very ambitious cousins
Flowers and decorations were all done by us

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