Trendspotting: Pineapples

Has anyone noticed that pineapples have become the new owl? I thought I was only noticing pineapples everywhere because they were a big part of my wedding but now they seem to be creeping up everywhere.

I think it's awesome because I personally love the look of pineapples and I think they make for great, albeit kitschy, decorative pieces (the ring bearers even carried them down the isle at our wedding in Florida). Everything in moderation though -- I don't want to become a crazy lady who lives in a house of pineapples.

The reason I came to love them so much is because I had a dream a few years ago that Dean proposed to me with a pineapple necklace. After telling him about it, pineapples sort of became our little love symbol. He gave me a real pineapple for Valentine's Day the following year and then last Christmas he got me a pretty little necklace -- see below (yes, Dean shopped on Etsy).

Naturally, pineapples became a big part of our wedding day. Check out this painstakingly gift wrapped pineapple we received as a wedding gift!

We also have a series of photos of wedding guests dancing with pineapples but they're a little too messy to share here. Check out all this awesome stuff on Etsy instead :)

I managed to write the word pineapple a dozen times in this post. It's starting to sound weird.

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