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I was “supposed” to be a journalist, but life and the modern world have taught me that my career path is wide with many detours.
At the age of 21, I quit a directionless Arts degree in pursuit of an adventure. With the guts and entitlement of many kids in my generation, I set off to travel, work and party abroad, and I returned one year later refreshed, enlightened and ready to change my major. 

Journalism had always been my career goal, but prior to travelling abroad, I had not felt worthy of the field with my small town upbringing. But after a year away, I was certain I had obtained the required life experience to be a writer, so upon returning, I began working at a hostel and I saved my earnings for college.
I was among 50 out of 500 applicants accepted in the journalism program and I excelled beyond my own expectations - and I became certain that I was a shoe-in for a career in travel and lifestyle writing.

As the program was wrapping up in 2009, at the height of a journalistic downturn, it became apparent to our instructors, and to the students, that our pursuits for traditional newspaper jobs may be fruitless. As publications folded across the country, our professors invited guest speakers from other programs who encouraged us to stay in school and explore new avenues.
Despite the looming setback, I persevered by freelancing for any paper that would publish me, but I didn’t exactly garner a following with the small scale publications that paid mere pennies per word. 
Meanwhile, I established a day job at a communications firm and eventually in a federal department’s media relations bureau. It was a shift in perspectives in terms of media; instead of writing for it, I was monitoring and responding to it. It was by learning the ropes of media relations that I accepted the fate of my journalism career and began blogging in my spare time to maintain my reporting skills. Through blogging, I learned to code and to strategize for social media.

For the past six years, I have taken the tools I learned during my j-school training and melded them with the strategies I’ve learned in media relations and in my spare time online. 
Despite the shift in Canada’s media landscape, I’ve still managed to establish myself as a media professional.  I’ve learned that I can’t foresee where my career will take me, but in a way, by maintaining my integrity as a journalist, my career has taken me further than I ever expected.

(Personal Branding / Biography assignment in Digital Communications)

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