Etsy's Whale of a Birthday

Etsy is celebrating 10 years this month - Happy Birthday Etsy! - and they recently featured a blog post listing the various trends that have gone rampant on their vintage and handmade e-commerce site.

Trends like mustaches and owls (just to name a couple) have come and gone and I've made a point of documenting some of the trends I've observed over the years too.

Some of my past treasuries have featured items of the cloud, zebra and pineapple variety. And today, I created a new treasury dedicated to sperm whales. I was inspired by this one after going to the Urban Craft Market last weekend where, through the cloud of patchouli, I noticed the absence of fake taxidermy, and an abundance of Moby Dick.

(Some dude somewhere is sporting a long beard and a Moby Dick tattoo on his forearm. For sure.)

By the way, I also posted a few more listings in my print shop. They're not as cool as sperm whales but these are a few photos among many, many, many more I want to share. And I will. As soon as I get around to editing them.
I also have a few more travel posters in the works - one in particular for Halifax.

But for now, it's time to go enjoy a full week away from work and computers. Happy Summer!

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