Course Work: Personal Brand

In the age of social media, your personal brand is becoming more crucial than your resumé. We are in charge of curating our own digital portfolios and we need to remember this every day when we post online.

Throughout the years, I have aimed to follow a particular theme when posting to my blog, Twitter or Instagram:  To continuously educate myself and others on writing and other crafts by remaining in tune with today’s events and trends online and in the real world.  It’s quite general but it fits.
2015-02-12 11.38.31 - CopyMy area of expertise is in writing and journalism. To begin, I am not a journalist but my job is to write, my hobby is to write and my whole life, I have been honing that skill.

I work in media relations where I am tuned in to current events, which also happens to be one of my most common past times. My whole life I have been fascinated by world events and journalism practices.

I am an educated media fiend who reads and uses the news from major media outlets every day. When I read an article, I am not only learning about the event in question, I am seeing how that journalist obtained his or her information, and I am weeding out the bias and superfluous content.

I have a blog where I write on a number of topics including journalism and social media, as well as travel tips and stories, lifestyle subjects (such as cooking and thrift shopping) and I also showcase some of my photography.

Although I don’t pay attention to the number of readers day to day, my blog still provides me with an outlet and the fulfillment of sharing ideas and digging into details on almost any topic.

The reason for my interest journalism in particular is because I once thought that I was “supposed” to be a journalist, but a few detours led me instead to where I am today. I had plans for a coushy journalism job (they don’t exist, by the way), after I quit an arts degree, traveled a few countries and returned home to complete my j-school education.

Although I excelled in the classroom, no perfect grade could match the journalistic downturn that took shape in 2008 and 2009. As newspapers and magazines folded, I attempted to make a name for myself as a freelance journalist. In the meantime, I landed a day job at a communications firm and, eventually, in a federal department’s media relations bureau.

By learning the ropes of media relations I accepted the fate of my journalism career and began blogging in my spare time, while dedicating myself to learning more about the media industry.

For the past six years, I have taken the tools I learned during my j-school training and melded them with the strategies I’ve learned in media relations and through my own analyses. Despite the shift in Canada’s media landscape, I’ve still managed to establish myself as a professional in the field.

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