About my blog 
This has been a work in progress since 2011 (or 2006 if you count all my previous attempts). The plan was to build a space where I could offload some creative juices through writing, crafting, photography and various other avenues. I also post my travel photos regularly and poke around the mysterious world of code (which explains why elements of my blog change fairly often).

About me 
I have three main interests: journalism, photography and travelling. And since people like lists...
1. I have a deep fondness for the red pen and thrive in the process of carefully crafting sentences.
2. I wanted to be a writer at a very young age.
3. I went to j-school... and might have had hopes for a career à la Carrie Bradshaw.
4. I am a devoted news follower. Ask me anything about current events.
5. I have a box full of old clippings that I've collected over the years from newspaper and magazines that I needed to keep, just so I could look at them again someday.
6. I am a fan of photojournalism and have always admired Tim McCurry’s style of documentary photography.
7. I have been taking photos since I was young enough to take "family portraits" of my toys. 
8. I have a shop on Etsy (ByFrankie) where I sell prints of my original work - mostly travel photography.
9. I have visited 15 countries, as well as my own, and have many, many more travel plans. 
10. I think it would be cool to live solely off these three things but instead I have a "normal job" and I'm ok with that.