Course work: My Vacation

I'm back to the grind with college work. This time, I'm taking two social media courses so my regular blog posts are bound to fall by the wayside. But, I'll still be posting because one of the courses requires me to do so. So, without further ado...

Priceline's role in my status change, from Miss to Mrs.

On my vacation, I said "I do."

Exactly one year ago, there was a Priceline glitch that went viral - people were booking round-the-world flights for just a few hundred dollars, as opposed to upwards of $5,000 for the same trip. Whether this was a marketing ploy to get more customers or an actual mistake on Priceline's part is still unknown.

Whatever it was, meant that my then-boyfriend, Dean, and I could afford a trip to Europe.

After a workday's worth of texting back and forth, we decided to book a two-week trip before the glitch was fixed - our tickets would take us to New York, Milan, Venice, Prague, Amsterdam and Paris. And, since we were on a bit of a high with this unbelievable deal, we decided to make it a little more interesting: this trip would also be our honeymoon.

Bypassing the proposal, we began planning our February wedding, which also contained a small twist. Long before deciding to get married, Dean and I had agreed that South Florida would be a perfect wedding location for its kitschy, rustic cottages and for the ease of travel.

So, after securing my three-week vacation at work, I began planning a destination wedding 2,700 kilometres away.

Over the course of nine months, I consulted numerous online sources: TripAdvisor helped me secure a venue in Key Largo, FlipKey got me a vacation house nearby, a promotion on got me deals on our flights to Fort Lauderdale, and numerous wedding blogs gave me insight on where I would find affordable flowers and favours.

Pinterest provided inspiration for my décor, and Etsy was where we found my engagement ring and our wedding bands, which were shipped to us from Israel.

Although it seemed like a gamble to choose faraway vendors without seeing or meeting them in person, (especially the caterer, which was found on Thumbtack) the entire day went off without a hitch. And the food was a delectable.

My husband and I said "I do" in front of 80 friends and family members on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We celebrated under a tiki hut, feasted on seafood and key lime mousse, and drank rum punch while dancing to the music of a one-man-band. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Two days after our wedding, Dean and I began our honeymoon. After waking up in Key Largo, we drove to Fort Lauderdale, flew to New York, then to Milan, hopped a train Venice and walked to our hotel in Piazza San Marco where we finally fell asleep.

The rest of the trip is for another blog post, but that's how a travel website turned me from a girlfriend in need of a holiday, to a wife on her honeymoon.

Photos by Kim Ing Photography

(First blog post for "Digital Communications")

Thrifty Fashion

Almost a year and a half  have passed since I challenged myself to a year of thrift shopping. For the entire year of 2014 I disallowed myself from shopping for new and expensive clothes. It was so easy that I never really stopped, and my wardrobe has gotten noticeably better.

Thrift store finds: Milk glass vases, vintage pencil skirt, cross-stitched pendant, leather sandals, infinity scarf

Spring Cleaning

I stepped away from the computer for a few days to get my receipts in order for the tax man, and, upon returning, I realized what a mess my photo files were in. Apparently I was stuck in Spring cleaning mode because I just spent several days reorganizing my whole digital life.

New Pictures and Posters

I can't seem to tear myself away from Photoshop so I've started creating a whole new collection of images for my Etsy shop. I started doing these travel poster renditions years ago for fun but I recently found myself going at it again and figured there's no sense in keeping them private since I think they're kinda pretty, in my own biased opinion. These are among the first posted on the shop:

Trendspotting: Pineapples

Has anyone noticed that pineapples have become the new owl? I thought I was only noticing pineapples everywhere because they were a big part of my wedding but now they seem to be creeping up everywhere.

Teeny-Tiny Packable Travel Souvenirs

Whenever I travel, I opt for backpacking over suitcase-rolling since my habit is to bounce around from city to city - I have a hard time sticking to a single destination if I know another awesome place is just a short trek away. Luckily, I married someone with the same thirst for cramming as much as possible into a single trip.

Keychain, jewellery and knick-knack from Paris
We're always on the go and usually seeking out the least expensive method of transportation (water taxi, tuk tuk, chicken bus, pounding the pavement), so it doesn't make sense to cart a big suitcase around. Those rolling suitcases can be a bigger pain than heavy backpacks despite the perceived perk of having wheels, plus, some touristy towns frown upon the use of rolling suitcases on their cobblestone streets. That is actually a thing in Venice! That said, it leaves us very little room for shopping.

Just Married!

I'm a married lady now! And, now that I'm back to a normal life, I'm slowly getting my online self re-organized.

In the nine months that led up to our wedding, I didn't post much due to the constant distractions and stressy feeling in the pit of my stomach. A lot of stuff got put on the back burner during that time. But in the coming weeks (read: months), I'll be sharing posts about all the plans that led up to our awesome-sauce wedding. I feel pretty accomplished for having organized a destination wedding à la carte.

It was a whirlwind nine months that involved a lot of organizing and daydreaming, and then poof! It was over! Everything went perfectly, everyone had fun and I didn't even have that post-wedding bridal withdrawal I was worried about experiencing.

Anyway, here are some photos from the wedding day taken by my new sister-in-law Megan. The official photos by Kim Ing Photography will be posted at a later date. Enjoy!

Catching up!

The past couple of months have zoomed by and I barely noticed that I wasn't updating my blog. I have a few things to catch up on. First Christmas and New Year's happened and I completed my full year of thrift shopping - I'll share some of my best purchases from the last year soon. I also made a couple of sales on Etsy - yay!

Then we got into the swing of one of Ottawa's coldest winters on record, and some big-time wedding planning. There was a bachelorette party with lots of panties, there was a practice makeup run with my cousin Lindsay, there was an intense hunt for giant balloons and Instax film, and finally, the big trip to Florida with a suitcase full of wedding gear - an exhausting journey that included a snoring five-year old,  a car stuck in snowdrifts and an extremely sweaty arrival in Fort Lauderdale.