Etsy's Whale of a Birthday

Etsy is celebrating 10 years this month - Happy Birthday Etsy! - and they recently featured a blog post listing the various trends that have gone rampant on their vintage and handmade e-commerce site.

Trends like mustaches and owls (just to name a couple) have come and gone and I've made a point of documenting some of the trends I've observed over the years too.

Some of my past treasuries have featured items of the cloud, zebra and pineapple variety. And today, I created a new treasury dedicated to sperm whales. I was inspired by this one after going to the Urban Craft Market last weekend where, through the cloud of patchouli, I noticed the absence of fake taxidermy, and an abundance of Moby Dick.

(Some dude somewhere is sporting a long beard and a Moby Dick tattoo on his forearm. For sure.)

By the way, I also posted a few more listings in my print shop. They're not as cool as sperm whales but these are a few photos among many, many, many more I want to share. And I will. As soon as I get around to editing them.
I also have a few more travel posters in the works - one in particular for Halifax.

But for now, it's time to go enjoy a full week away from work and computers. Happy Summer!

Course work: My Bio

I was “supposed” to be a journalist, but life and the modern world have taught me that my career path is wide with many detours.
At the age of 21, I quit a directionless Arts degree in pursuit of an adventure. With the guts and entitlement of many kids in my generation, I set off to travel, work and party abroad, and I returned one year later refreshed, enlightened and ready to change my major. 

Ode to the Oceans

Today is World Oceans Day. It's the one day each year when we pay a little more attention to the health of the waters surrounding us and speak a little louder about the need to improve our habits.
Personally, I'd go with World Oceans Week (sharks already get a whole week anyway) but so far it hasn't been extended beyond one day a year.
Caribbean Sea

End of the Love Locks

This week, Paris said goodbye to thousands of padlocks that couples from around the world have left hanging on the city's bridges as symbols of their undying love.

Beginning with the Pont des Arts, the city made the decision to relieve the more densely populated bridges of these locks before the structures became a hazard, and also because Parisians weren't too fond of the aesthetics.

Course work: Storytelling

"Leave Your Mark"

If you want to succeed in digital communications, you need to find your voice, and then you need to own it and work it.

Aliza Licht says it best in her how-to guide to landing your dream job: "That whole 'don't judge a book by its cover' thing is total bulls**t. People will judge anything before they actually know what someone or something really has to offer."

The author of Leave Your Mark: Land your dream Job. Kill it in your career. Rock Social Media. made her mark by becoming the "it girl" behind the the DKNY PR Girl Twitter feed. Licht is a proponent for strategic planning behind your personal brand, and she aims to teach others how to embrace their own identities to successfully maintain a digital niche.

Course work: My Vacation

I'm back to the grind with college work. This time, I'm taking two social media courses so my regular blog posts are bound to fall by the wayside. But, I'll still be posting because one of the courses requires me to do so. So, without further ado...

Priceline's role in my status change, from Miss to Mrs.

On my vacation, I said "I do."

Exactly one year ago, there was a Priceline glitch that went viral - people were booking round-the-world flights for just a few hundred dollars, as opposed to upwards of $5,000 for the same trip. Whether this was a marketing ploy to get more customers or an actual mistake on Priceline's part is still unknown.

Thrifty Fashion

Almost a year and a half  have passed since I challenged myself to a year of thrift shopping. For the entire year of 2014 I disallowed myself from shopping for new and expensive clothes. It was so easy that I never really stopped, and my wardrobe has gotten noticeably better.

Thrift store finds: Milk glass vases, vintage pencil skirt, cross-stitched pendant, leather sandals, infinity scarf

Spring Cleaning

I stepped away from the computer for a few days to get my receipts in order for the tax man, and, upon returning, I realized what a mess my photo files were in. Apparently I was stuck in Spring cleaning mode because I just spent several days reorganizing my whole digital life.

New Pictures and Posters

I can't seem to tear myself away from Photoshop so I've started creating a whole new collection of images for my Etsy shop. I started doing these travel poster renditions years ago for fun but I recently found myself going at it again and figured there's no sense in keeping them private since I think they're kinda pretty, in my own biased opinion. These are among the first posted on the shop: