Social Proposal

Fifth blog post for my social media course, originally posted on the program's Wordpress blog

Things are getting out of hand. Hardly a day passes by when you don't hear of a wedding proposal going viral. Whether it's a flahsmob or base jumper, wedding proposals have become grand productions for the sake of being the next most talked-about event.
When flashmobs became the most competitive claim to internet fame, that type of proposal grew in popularity - who can resist a grand musical number which of course is filmed, while a camera watches the bride-to-be as she reacts to the spectacle? The one below has been viewed over 27 million views since it was posted in 2012.

Wineward Cycling

We just returned from a trip to Prince Edward County for some bike riding and wine tasting along the region's taste trail. It was super hot but a perfect way to spend a day during the Civic Holiday weekend.

Hitting the Mute Button

Fourth blog post for my social media course, originally posted on the program's Wordpress blog

Two months ago, Twitter added a new feature that further allows you to control what appears in your feed. The magic "mute" button now allows you to remove certain tweeters from your home feed while still allowing you to visit their page, favourite their tweets, retweet and all the rest. You just don't have to deal with all of their commentary clogging up your feed - we all know at least one Twitter hog, after all.

Digital Diplomacy

Third blog post for my social media course, originally posted on the program's Wordpress blog

Lesson three of our social media course discussed the emergence of “Government 2.0” with the rise of social media. In this new branch of governance, citizens are exposed to the regular affairs that might have seemed hidden behind closed doors in the past. Before Twitter, we could always count on CPAC (or C-SPAN in the U.S.) to feature the mostly-bland goings-on inside parliamentary walls – you certainly had to dedicate a great deal of time and attention in order to remain abreast on issues during Question Period or in Committee. And unless there was a major development or dramatic event, there would be little  mention of parliamentary sessions  in the news or in the morning paper. Things have changed drastically since those dark days (never mind the days before television), thanks to social media, which allows citizens to monitor government leaders and events taking place away from the media spotlight.

The Wimbledon

This cocktail is a version of a drink I learned to make at a mixer party when I worked in a stuffy Mad Men-esque firm. I've been re-working the recipe in various ways over the years and I think we have reached perfection.
Aptly named a Wimbledon (suggested by a friend), this has become my drink of choice for the summer. We called it Wimbledon because it is slightly pretentious due to all the steps involved, but it is incredibly refreshing on a hot sunny day.