Crowded Room

Over a year ago, Dean had an idea for the studio (Gallery Recording). It kept coming up in conversations, the idea kept getting bigger, and he kept telling me he was working on it. I didn't know how far it would go but I did know that people seemed very keen when he described the idea to them. He had a concept, a purpose, a name and even objectives for expansion if it takes off, but he didn't have a team yet.
Over the months, he talked to various people about collaborating on the idea but it wasn't really taking off, but then earlier this year he talked to the right person. He and Craig Allen Conoley of Dan Rascal Productions met for drinks and idea became a project in development - when Dean came home that night, he was more or less effin pumped.
"50 people, two bands, and a film crew walk into a recording studio.No punchline, just one hell of a concert."
He and Craig recruited Isaac Valentin from LOG Creative Bureau and the team was complete. Then came the process of putting it into action for a pilot project. 
One night at a mansion party, we were talking with Matt Aston of The Split and we both thought they would be an ideal band for the pilot. It took a couple of weeks, but everyone got on board and the first event was underway. 
The show was recorded and filmed at the studio, with an audience of 50 last May. The entire event was bigger than anyone had hoped and the response was beyond expectation. Last week, the pilot was revealed at The Split's show at the Blacksheep Inn. And now it takes off from here.
This is Crowded Room (01):

Summer's End

Summer is over, fall is here. Let's have moment of silence and share some sunny memories on this Fall equinox, as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter. *sniff*


Experts, activists, celebrities and world leaders met in New York this week, alongside bloggers and social media experts for the Social Good Summit. This four-year old annual event, which takes place in conjunction to the gathering of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA),  is hosted by the United Nations Foundation, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 92nd Street Y (92Y) and the social media news site, Mashable.

The conversation is about the world we want to live in by the year 2030, and the goal is to instil a sense of purpose among those who might feel otherwise useless - for lack of a better word - when it comes to resolving some of the major issues on the planet. The interactive event is built upon social conversation and the open line of communication that is social media.


Since our plants might be in for more frosty nights, I decided to collect some basil leaves to make a little jar of pesto. And, it was divine. I won't list out the steps or the recipe since I more-or-less followed Jamie Oliver's recipe but I will suggest this: if you own a food processors, save yourself the time and effort of squishing leaves with a mortar and pestle and just use the modern technology.

Social Proposal

Fifth blog post for my social media course, originally posted on the program's Wordpress blog

Things are getting out of hand. Hardly a day passes by when you don't hear of a wedding proposal going viral. Whether it's a flahsmob or base jumper, wedding proposals have become grand productions for the sake of being the next most talked-about event.
When flashmobs became the most competitive claim to internet fame, that type of proposal grew in popularity - who can resist a grand musical number which of course is filmed, while a camera watches the bride-to-be as she reacts to the spectacle? The one below has been viewed over 27 million views since it was posted in 2012.

Wineward Cycling

We just returned from a trip to Prince Edward County for some bike riding and wine tasting along the region's taste trail. It was super hot but a perfect way to spend a day during the Civic Holiday weekend.