The by frankie Story

Welcome to by frankie!

We are definitely more than jewellery! After searching far and wide for jewellery to represent our current situation, mood and direction, we commenced our mission to empower people around the world. by frankie was born. Signature jewellery... with a purpose at an affordable price. Each one of our pieces is designed here in Brisbane, Australia.

by frankie comes from a home of positivity, strength, vitality and growth. We see each by frankie piece adding something bright to your day and moving you through to the evening. Each jewellery piece has a unique name and represents a particular purpose.

At by frankie, all of our rings, bracelets and other jewellery are tarnish resistant, waterproof and durable for continuous wear. Our affordable price points allow you to own a collection rather than a single piece as we know our lives will come with many chapters!

Our first creation, Our Evil Eye Bracelet is now our best seller and to this day the by frankie team LOVE what Remy represents. Each piece comes to you boxed perfectly and wrapped ready for gifting to another or to yourself! 

Thank you for being here and just like ours, your story is unique, powerful and from the by frankie team to you...You Got This! x


Love Bee and Harper x

Mummy and daughter.